Brass Lamps

I’m mildly obsessed with Brass. My obsession right now is finding perfect brass lamps. I LOVE a hint of gold in rooms and these lamps mesh with any color from black to hot pink! Domed Lamps are my favorite plus brass…HEAVEN.


Kelly Wearstler


Domino Mag Black Walls







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Bored with your Headboard

I have found some UHHH-mazinggg headboard styles and ideas. Here are some creative ways to spice up the focal point of your bedroom, if you love the tufted look, blog post makes it look simple and oh so chic! ( Link at the end of post )

Pictures from my pinterest! Click Here!!

 Tufting Tutorial:


Kitchens I could live in.

 These Glamorous eating epicenters of households make you want to gaze at the shimmery hardware and drool.  I know what you’re thinking….quit my 9-5 for Betty Crocker time?? remodel my remodel?? Hmmm How about Thanksgiving at my house?? And to think we sometimes take these granite laid dwellings for granted.

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Books I <3

ahhhhhh interior design books….ambigous picture filled guides that scream “drag those pupils across me!!” You can really never get enough books nor should you ever stop buying books, so maybe my collection can help yours (I currently reside across from Rizzoli books, so I’m cheating!) 🙂 Anyhow, here are some books that live at my house…


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let me be BRUTALLY honest.

Some say its ugly,  some say its genius! 

It all started with brutalist architecture during the mid 20th century, which then led to interior design and furniture design.

I have an undying love for this era, its harsh, heavy and just makes everything a little less feminine.  In architectural form its blocky and a bit repetitive, its eye-catching but not so easy on the eye. As for the decor its gothic/dutch chic.  Usually encompassing industrial characteristics, like rough metal or wood composition, its simple yet gets the point across, point being….–I can decorate, betch–

 The first Washington Metro stations were designed in the brutalist style by American architect Harry Weese.

C.Jere Sculptures and Chandelier


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Poufs! not the outdated hair trend…

So many possibilities with Poufs…not only are they outlandishly chic they belong in an ottoman/pillow/accessory awesomeness category.

Heres a pouf, there’s a pouf, everywheres a pouf pouf!!

To POUF or not to POUF??? that issss the quesstttiooonn

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