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This is Bananas!

This summer was all about Banana leaf and Palm Prints. Ughhhh I went crazy for these prints. I am obsessed with Martinique Banana Leaf wallpaper, which was created by decorator Don Loper in 1942 for the Beverly Hills Hotel, and is now an iconic wallpaper. Dorothy Draper has her own take on the print, Brazilliance by Carleton V… can tell the slight difference (sea grapes 😉 )


brazillance-dorothy-draper-greenbrier-hotel-carleton-varney-yardbrazillance greenbrier bergdorf goodman


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Incorporating Malachite

During the 70’s, in the midst of the geode craze Malachite and interiors morphed together to create the most luxurious combination I have yet to see.  In my opinion Tony Duquette is the man to thank, from his fabrics, flooring, dishes, and even book covers he embellished them in Malachite.  If you have an old chair or a bare wall you would love to liven up you can find this print on Spoonflower  xHOH

93404 Hutton+Wilkinson+sconce+backed+malachite+wallpaper+DsgvdG3o4rll

dawnridge-home-tony-duquette-malachite-wall-panel malachite-e1318597158292

elle decor malachite




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Glorious Green.

I’m absolutely crazy about green. Whats not to love?? Although to some the immediate association with vomit comes to mind, THINK NOT! Its the color of the century..duh… Kelly green a.k.a. Glorious brightens any room and adds the perfect pop of color. From a green wall to a green lacquered table it makes a statement! Green plays a role in the fashion world too, throw on a pair of green flats to brighten up your outfit!!

MEEEEPPPP...i love this door

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